Our Core Values

Breakaway Funding has created a complete proprietary private equity capital raising and investing ecosystem. Called the Community Capital Marketplace®, the process aggregates and leverages various resources in the community to provide growth capital that supports innovation and job creation.

For Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
A cost effective and efficient new source of capital for businesses and entrepreneurs, utilizing a standardized set of due diligence documentation, training and on-going support to collect, to organize and to solicit investment for their companies.

For Investors
Provides an opportunity to invest in ventures that are aligned with your values, which meet your investment criteria, supported by due diligence, analysis tools and on-going, no fee investor education to help you make informed investment decisions.

For Financial Institutions
Produces a steady stream of new client relationships and an opportunity to convert existing non-borrowers into qualified borrowers to help you grow and improve your earnings while generating CRA credit and helping the institution remain competitive.

For Community Partners
Facilitates the funding process by providing business plan support services and education to entrepreneurs. It also provides access to federal or state small business loan guarantees to financial institutions and other resources critical to ensuring U.S. small businesses are positioned for success.