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Raised: $400,000
Funded by: Bank of Guam, California

Our primary responsibility is to you, your hair and the health of the world we share through the joy of doing less and adopting new rituals that have a positive impact on your lives. Our designs and passion continue to be fueled by the relationships we have with our customers and their invaluable feedback.

With all of its complexities, shapes and forms, we are committed to the science of hair.

Educating and sharing our hair-findings with our community is the first step in truly understanding how to have healthy beautiful hair. For the health of our planet, we believe that by evolving our understanding of the small things, they can lead to bigger positive changes.

Our company was founded by a woman, built by a woman and is 75% women-operated. Most of our partners around the world are women entrepreneurs. We support women completely as innovators, entrepreneurs, deal-makers, communicators and the many-many dimensions we take on to be engaged in our avocations.