Seven Advantages of Crowdfunding

Kim KaselionisCrowdfunding7 Comments

Crowdfunding is a relatively new business model for both investors and issuers. As with any investment, there are potential risks. It is important to thoroughly vet and understand the mechanics of a transaction whether you are the investor or an issuer. Being leery of a wide-eyed offering is a good thing. The investment is only as good as the sum … Read More

The Future of Crowdfunding: Scaling the Model for Larger Businesses and Their Investors

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Sourcing capital for new business is one the most difficult parts of an entrepreneurial venture and, sadly, the one seemingly insurmountable “barrier to market” that many entrepreneurs encounter.   As one renowned venture capitalist put it to me, “The roadside is simply littered with the bones of great ideas that couldn’t get funding.” Entrepreneurs, experts in designing and developing novel … Read More