Capital Readiness Checklist

Use the checklist below (or download as a PDF) to determine if you are properly prepared for your capital raise.

If you checked all of the boxes, you are in good shape and ready to move forward with your capital raise.
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If some items were left unchecked, you need capital, however, your company is not yet ready for serious consideration by investors or financial institutions. And that is why we created a membership site to get you on track. From one-on-one expert-led consultations to insightful videos and timely webinars designed to introduce you to the components needed to raise “crowd sourced” capital legally and successfully, Breakaway Funding membership is a good start. Learn more.

Whether you are ready or need support, Breakaway Funding’s capital raising ecosystem has everything you need to prepare, market, and launch your raise and provide you the investor relations support post-raise.


Learn how to raise capital at your own pace, without costly mistakes.

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