How to Prepare for a Title III Capital Raise

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May 2016 ushered in a new securities law to allow practically anyone to invest in the next big thing. Joe Nobody could enter the world of private equity investing and have a chance to get in early on the next Twitter or Lyft. Known as Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) or Title III, this provision of the JOBS Act of 2012 was designed to increase access to capital for small to … Read More

Do You Suffer From the Imposter Syndrome?

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Imposter at Work

I sometimes think: “They’re going to find out the truth about how much I don’t know and decide I am really not capable of doing this job… running this company…obtaining this financing….” Do any of these resonate? Do you apologize before stating something….”forgive me if I speak out of turn?” Are you afraid to admit you don’t know something, because … Read More

How to Use Equity Compensation. Live Webinar Equity Compensation for Startups and Small Businesses

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Equity Compensation

October 27, 2016 Breakaway Funding will present a live webinar on “Equity Compensation for Startups and Small Businesses.” Our presenter is Rick Randel the founder of Randel Law of San Ramon, California. Rick has over 25 years experience counseling business owners on ways to help keep their cash and use equity as a means of compensation for employees and contractors. He will … Read More

Columbus Day Thoughts: Equity Compensation for his Crew Sailing in 1492

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Columbus Equity Compensation

Many are familiar with the childhood rhyme, “Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.” But we know his trip to the vast unknown needed to be financed.  Queen Isabella I of Castile was a willing-backer. (What a pitch that must have been.) Off he went. Happy accident: he happened upon land and a new trade route. A very long (and highly debatable) story made short: Spain reaped … Read More

September’s Free Live Webinar: How to Spot Red Flags in Your Convertible Notes

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Live Webinar Convertible Notes

Our September webinar is tomorrow the 29th: How to Spot Red Flags in Your Convertible Notes. This webinar will be presented by Stephen Osborn, attorney and eponymous partner at Osborn McDerby, a boutique business law firm that serves emerging growth and mid-sized businesses in corporate and commercial transactions. He will discuss: convertible note provisions, catching potential “red flags” and other … Read More

What are The Terms Used With a Convertible Note?

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Convertible Note

A convertible note is a wise thing for early investors who feel it may be too early for a correct valuation of a company.  There are some terms that you will need to master to understand how a convertible note works. The terms are listed as: Interest Rate: Convertible notes are loans before they mature may turn into equity.  Therefore these … Read More

What is a Convertible Note?

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Convertible Note

A convertible note is a structured loan with the purpose of converting to equity. Startups, at times, need convertible notes to attract investors in the seed round of a capital raise. How does it work? There are many caveats to convertible notes, but its value comes when investors loan money to the startup, and the company’s valuation increases for the … Read More

Harvest the Social Capital in Your Community

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Following Wine Country Weekend in Santa Rosa, California, Live Oak Bank, Breakaway Funding, LLC and KC Branch Firm collaborated to share with local wine producers, craft brewery owners and small-batch, craft distilleries (so far, there’s only one up here), how they could “Harvest the Social Capital in the Community” into financial capital. And if ever there was an industry that celebrated “community,” it is wine … Read More

Osborn McDerby Profile: Law Firm in San Francisco’s Financial District

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Stephen Osborn, Bay Area attorney and eponymous co-founder of the Osborn McDerby Law Firm, is our guest presenter for the September webinar, “How to Use Convertible Notes in a Capital Raise.” Osborn McDerby, founded 2012, is an established law firm in the San Francisco financial district.  The practice specializes in four key areas:  mergers & acquisitions transactions  corporate, venture and leveraged financings technology transactions outside general … Read More

8 Tips to Better Storytelling

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In our August webinar, Storytelling Tips to be More Persuasive, presenter Kristi Royse provided thekeys to achieving success in or out of the office with effective storytelling techniques designed to captivate any audience. A persuasive presentation should answer unspoken questions like Why should I care? How is this beneficial to me? and What am I getting out of this? Once you grab the attention of your audience, you can guide them, through a story, to your desired outcome, according to Ms. Royce. It’s … Read More