How to Create a Winning Brand that Stands Out

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Brand Building

Whether your business has a website (we certainly hope so in 2017) or not, branding matters. The online world is constantly evolving and positioning your company to stand out and win is imperative. Brands are more than just logos: Each is an intimate impression of your company upon which customers come to trust and rely. If you’re not there to back it up, what does your brand say about your company? What does … Read More

Why Name Brands Should Get In On Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is usually associated with charitable organizations in need of funding and startups seeking capital. But let’s not forget about the well established brands. They’re getting in on the action as well, but the motivation isn’t just about the money, it’s something far more important. Branding, testing new products and engaging their customers are the real reasons that even the … Read More