How to Raise Capital for Business Owners With 9 or Fewer Employees

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Kim Kaselionis, founder and managing partner of Breakaway Funding, LLC, lead the Crowdfunding Comes of Age segment of the 82 Percent Micro-Business Summit put on by the Santa Cruz Economic Development Office and hosted by Cabrillo College. An all-day event, the summit showcased the 82 percent of the county’s small businesses with nine or fewer employees. Breakaway Funding understand’s this targeted market. Helping business owners get the capital they need is a top priority. Kaselionis knows this as a two-pronged problem: … Read More

The JOBS Act, Capital Providers and the Community Capital Marketplace™

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Sometimes the regulators get it right. Well, almost right. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), passed by Congress in April 2012, is one of those instances. It started a process to introduce crowdfunding as a means of creating new opportunities for individual investors and community financial institutions to collaborate with entrepreneurs and local businesses. The purpose of the … Read More

How Crowdfunding Rebirths Small Business

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Small businesses contribute heavily to the economy and are responsible for the creation of jobs of all types. However, it can be nearly impossible for small business owners and especially first-time entrepreneurs, to find financing options to get their business off the ground and start hiring. For years, local economies have been growth-capital stymied. Until now. Crowdfunding is fast becoming … Read More

Invest in The @Twitter Building, You Say?

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Investor Roundtables, aka, Pitch Parties Last week we started a webinar series entitled Investor Roundtables, aka Pitch Parties. Each month, we feature two businesses that are looking to raise capital. Since banks are not lending like they used to, Crowdfunding has become an attractive alternative. During the Pitch Party, held in a webinar format so you can listen in via your … Read More

Without a sense of caring… what is there?

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Over the past nine months, since founding Breakaway Funding, I have met with hundreds of business owners, investors and financial executives. Remarkably, despite their differing perspectives, the questions that we discuss have a similar tenor which can be boiled down to their notion of community and how they might participate in its revitalization. In other words, they care. And that … Read More