Back to School – Why Succession Planning is So Important

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Summer is over. Whether you’re an empty nester or perhaps not so lucky, “Back to School” is a great time for parents to consider succession planning for not just their immediate estate, but also including the family business. What may have started as a “side-hustle” could be blossoming into a legitimate venture and worth reviewing. Mom and pop can now … Read More

Avoiding Family Wealth Meltdowns – The Holiday Edition

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Avoiding Family Meltdown

Who doesn’t enjoy a little family drama? And there’s no better stage to showcase dysfunction than holiday family gatherings. Unfortunately, unresolved family conflict can leave “once, well-resourced and loving families” in chaos and wrangling for the family fortune (or whatever is left behind) when Wills and futures of estates are being read. In his presentation Avoiding Family Wealth Meltdowns – The … Read More

Richard Del Monte Profile: Presenter “Avoiding Family Fortune Meltdowns: The Holiday Edition”

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Wealth Management

RICHARD M. DEL MONTE is a Certified Wealth Consultant and nationally recognized expert on the subject of families and wealth. He has appeared on FOX Business News and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Private Opportunities Club, Private Wealth Magazine, Trust & Estates, and Family Wealth Report. A sought-after speaker and the creator of … Read More

Avoiding Family Meltdowns Wealth Management, Family Business Transitions- Webinar

Financial JournalistFamily Business Transitions, Webinar

Avoiding Family Meltdowns

Part of the American dream is having a family business. Some family businesses grow revenues upwards of millions of dollars and with that success comes a need to develop a plan of transition. Who will run the company when the founder dies? Who’s in charge of the family wealth/trust? There are a lot of decisions to be made. How do … Read More