The Tipping Point is Upon Us

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Canna Feature

Join us August 31, 2017 at 11 am (PDT) for a timely presentation of Nuances, Structures & Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry by speaker Sherri Haskell, founder and CEO of Canna Angels, LLC. she will discuss what’s new during this first year of fully legalized cannabis in California, the areas of significant business growth and, of course, ways to invest in this booming industry. … Read More

How to Create a Winning Brand that Stands Out

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Brand Building

Whether your business has a website (we certainly hope so in 2017) or not, branding matters. The online world is constantly evolving and positioning your company to stand out and win is imperative. Brands are more than just logos: Each is an intimate impression of your company upon which customers come to trust and rely. If you’re not there to back it up, what does your brand say about your company? What does … Read More

Happy Cannabis Day

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Cannabis 420

April 20: the day Americans have celebrated the oft fabled and demonized plant, cannabis sativa (and the popular indica strain) for years. Now that more states have legalized medical and/or recreational use, all things cannabis are “in.” For example: Colorado will see its first drive-thru cannabis shop open. Green Rush, of San Francisco fame, will be hosting a “Bud Drop,” … Read More

The Best Books On Negotiation and Knowing Your Worth

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Best Books Negotiation

Our March webinar featured Susan Strong, business performance coach to Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs alike. She delivered a powerful presentation on where women stand at present in the business world, communication fails that lead to pay gaps and other ways that women can become more effective communicators in business, ask for what they want and build upon strengths for … Read More

Do You Suffer From the Imposter Syndrome?

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Imposter at Work

I sometimes think: “They’re going to find out the truth about how much I don’t know and decide I am really not capable of doing this job… running this company…obtaining this financing….” Do any of these resonate? Do you apologize before stating something….”forgive me if I speak out of turn?” Are you afraid to admit you don’t know something, because … Read More

Women in Business: Ambition is NOT a Dirty Word

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Working Woman

Our featured speaker for March is Susan Strong, business performance coach with more than 30 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies such as: Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Pacific Gas & Electric, Genentech, Adaptec and Logitech. Susan helps leaders develop high-performing teams and create programs and processes to enhance corporate cultures and the employee experience, while working with executives to … Read More

Curtain Call – Choosing the Right Filing for Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy Law

A member of my inner circle criticized me when he discovered we were hosting a webinar about bankruptcy. “Why would you associate with something so negative? Your brand is about growth, optimism and realizing the American dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You’re sending the wrong message” That is certainly one way to look at it. Another viewpoint is to … Read More

Attracting Financing – What does an Investor Look For

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Raising capital isn’t easy. Minimize your pain and improve your probability of getting funded by being informed, prepared and engaged. Speak regularly with professionals in your space to be informed and stay current on trends affecting your industry. Prepare by starting your capital raising efforts 12 to 18 months before you need the money. Capital raising takes time. To be … Read More

Presenter Profile: Larry Bedard, MD, FACEP | Finance and Investment in Cannabis Webinar

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Larry Bedard MD Cannabis

Dr. Larry Bedard will be one of our panelists for the “Financing and Investing in Cannabis” webinar this January 26th 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Dr. Bedard has had an illustrious medical career over 30 years and was the President of the American College of Emergency Physicians He understands medicine and according to him “to really help people”.   This passion for … Read More

Presenter Profile: Regina Unegovsky of Regal Tax Law | Investing and Financing in Cannabis

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Regal Tax Law Group

Regina Unegovsky of Regal Tax Law is presenting with 3 other panelists this January 26th “Financing and Investing in Cannabis Industry”. Regina is part of a respected tax law practice in San Francisco: Regal Tax Law. She handles tax controversy representation, tax debt resolution, federal and state of California, return auditing – preparation or review, bankruptcy, debt portfolio restructuring for … Read More