Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid crowdfunding® is a new funding model that creates greater access to capital for growing companies by marrying equity crowdfunding with traditional bank financing. It is community-based equity capital that provides the cash to strengthen business balance sheets to make them more attractive borrowers to traditional community banks and credit unions.
Hybrid Crowdfunding Program® provides an opportunity for financial institutions to grow their balance sheets, improve earnings, access a new source of CRA activities, and most importantly: stay relevant. When your clients execute their growth strategy and become more profitable through crowdfunded capital raise campaigns, your institution will be in a position to lend more and to cross-market other “fee-for-service” products.
Breakaway Funding’s Hybrid Crowdfunding Program for financial institutions is fee-based and includes a variety of marketing and community-outreach activities to support the success of the Program. Activities and fees vary based upon the specific goals of your institution.

To schedule a consultation, please complete the Request a Meeting form or call us at 415-729-9482.

Participating in our Hybrid Crowdfunding Program benefits your institution by maintaining and enhancing existing business relationships, creating a pipeline for future loan generation, increasing deposits, improving earnings, and engaging in new CRA activities. Solidifying your institution’s role in the community is immeasurable.
Yes, absolutely. Your shareholders, employees and members will not only want to learn about how your institution is creating additional revenue streams and retention tools, they may want to become investors in local businesses as well.
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Breakaway Funding is committed to a 72 hour Service Level Agreement for landing pages to be uploaded once we receive all required documentation and media assets. A complete listing of requirements is provided on our financial institution partner profile worksheet.

Breakaway Funding will provide an activity report reflecting referrals, attendees to webinars, seminars and workshops quarterly. These reports will also reflect the number of open campaigns and percentage funding. Please remember reports are static with respect to time and may reflect changes on subsequent business days. Additionally, financial institutions will receive quarterly CRA reports for those companies meeting FDIC CRA criteria. To view a list of our report library, click here.

Please contact Breakaway Funding for a program pricing and system requirements.

When your institution enrolls as a Breakaway Funding partner, we will work with you to create a customized, co-branded or private label webpage to which you will refer your clients. This way you are able to retain your customers in your unique brand environment, rather than lose them to a third-party.

All of our upcoming events can be found on our Events page. Our 90-minute Crowdfunding Success Seminars (CSW) provides an overview of Crowdfunding for business owners and their professionals who support them and provides the foundational knowledge regarding investment vehicles and disclosure requirements. Participants will learn how to prepare their business and leadership team for accessing the crowd immediately and to determine if Crowdfunding is right for them.

Our CrowdfundingIntensive program (CFI) is a 2- day intensive workshop designed for business owners/issuers who are preparing to launch a campaign. In the workshops participants learn how to write a business plan, work with Risk underwriters to vet debt, equity and growth assumptions and receive guidance on how to manage investors once their campaign is underway.