How to Turn Competitive Information into Cash

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Many companies are undertaking capital raise campaigns through crowdfunding. Although these appear ongoing, there’s actually a specific amount of time for the company to appeal to potential investors, as in Regulation Crowdfunding, for example.

During rehearsal for the September webinar, we asked Clare Price, president and CEO of CFP Media Group about changing up marketing mid-stream to adjust an appeal for funding, once the campaign has begun, if competitive marketing had not been done prior to launch.

“I would look at what kinds of comments customers were making, if it’s a crowdfunding campaign,” said Clare. “Why are they excited about what this company is doing?

How that could be viewed through a competitive lens is taking that comment and looking to see if other companies in your space are also sharing that kind of information or kind of experience for the customer. It might give you some insight on how to tweak your campaign to add a different experience to what you’re already offering.”

Competitive marketing is the “missing link” in many sales and marketing efforts that are falling short of company goals. Taking the time to perform deep research can often yield just the right information to provide a competitive advantage on which the sales team can act.

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Featured speaker Clare Price is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers increase sales and revenue through effective customer, communication and competitive marketing strategies and programs that deliver measurable ROI. She has been a featured speaker for the American Marketing Association, the California Society of Association Executives, Corporate Financial Group, Women in Technology International (WITI), eWomen Network, and the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management.