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Investor Roundtables, aka, Pitch Parties

Last week we started a webinar series entitled Investor Roundtables, aka Pitch Parties. Each month, we feature two businesses that are looking to raise capital. Since banks are not lending like they used to, Crowdfunding has become an attractive alternative. During the Pitch Party, held in a webinar format so you can listen in via your computer or phone, the entrepreneur or business owner “pitches” their business to potential investors.

Since the business owner is only given 10-15 minutes to make their case, we encourage potential investors to sign up on our SEC compliant site after the webinar and download the full due diligence documentation. We recognize you can’t make an investment decision in 10 minutes but receiving a brief snapshot or overview should provide enough input to take the next steps. If you have ever been part of a VC investor pitch, you know there is a very short window to make a business case.

These webinars give everyone the opportunity to listen in and “meet” the business owners behind the investment. In the past, this type of access, transparency and exposure was pretty difficult to come by.

At Breakaway, we bridge the gap between businesses seeking capital and the investor community. In some cases, you can invest as little as $1,000, thanks to the JOBS Act.

We decided to throw our Pitch Parties the third Thursday of the month. Use the hashtag: #FUNdFriday on Twitter and follow along. And yes, it seems odd that we use the hashtag #FUNdFriday when the event is on Thursday. Would you prefer #FUNdThursday? We probably all agree it doesn’t even sound right! I’ll explain more later.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or sign up today here:

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