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About Us
Breakaway Funding, LLC connects growth-ready entrepreneurs with investors seeking alternatives to conventional equity investments. We provide business owners with the tools, technology and training they need to conduct successful financing campaigns, and investors with the opportunity to invest in ventures in which they have personal interest. Our technology portal brings together investors and businesses in an environment where both benefit from the provided due diligence reports, analyses and post-investment progress updates.

Incorporated in 2013, Breakaway Funding, LLC was created to help solve a two-pronged problem: Lack of access to capital by small to medium sized businesses and community banks’ struggle to lend. The solution: a fully- integrated crowdfunding platform that serves to match investors with businesses requiring capital to strengthen their balance sheets and position those companies for funding by traditional community banks and credit unions: A true Community Capital Marketplace™.

Purpose Driven
Providing businesses with access to capital has been the hallmark of Breakaway Funding’s founder and managing partner, Kim Kaselionis. A former CEO/chairman of a successful community bank for nearly two decades, she understands the collaborative nature of the funding equation from all sides.

What is a Community Capital Marketplace®
The community capital model is a dynamic reaction based on collaborative rather than adversarial relationships among financial institutions, investors and businesses. This hybrid financial ecosystem provides:

  • Investors with new opportunities,
  • Companies with new sources of capital and
  • Financial institutions with a steady stream of qualified businesses with which to build relationships and stay relevant.

For financial institutions and their commercial clients, crowdfunding is the next step in the funding continuum. It opens up new financial resources for small to medium-sized business (SMB) when traditional means are unavailable, whether for circumstantial, timing or regulatory concerns.

Advocacy and Our Position
Collectively we have the power to restore what historically has been the strength and prevailing spirit of the U.S. economy: the importance of local ownership and entrepreneurial innovation in our communities. Kaselionis has championed the Community Capital Marketplace® since 2013 because it is the concept that combines the benefits of the JOBS Act of 2012 with crowdfunding to create a funding conduit between businesses/entrepreneurs, investors and community financial institutions.

Membership in our Community Capital Marketplace®
To access the crowdfunding portal and become a part of our Community Capital Marketplace® individuals must complete the online registration form, confirm their account and agree to the terms and conditions for use of the site. Membership, while not a requirement for our community partners or the financial institutions with whom we partner, is encouraged for the full benefit of our model.

The Community Capital Marketplace® is for all investors, businesses, financial institutions and community partners, including: professionals from corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional services firms, solo and B-corps, associations, and academia.

For the Media
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