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Breakaway Funding: Creating Stronger Borrowers for Banks®

PENSCO Insights: 2015 PENSCO Crowdfunding Report

Crowdfunding Redefined – The new wave of capital raising in 2015
Crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding. Crowdinvesting. Peer-to-peer lending. What do these terms mean? How do they help investors locate and access opportunity? These are two of the questions that we hear regularly from clients who are looking to diversify their tax-advantaged retirement portfolios with high-quality alternative assets.

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Breakaway Funding: Crowdfunding, The New Generation of Financing

This Breakaway Funding PowerPoint Presentation, Crowdfunding The Next Generation of Financing, provides important information how crowdfunding can help banks to: Expand their customer base; Build a future loan pipeline; Generate deposits; Create new CRA opportunities; and Increase fee income.

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Part I: Community Banks – Renewed Purpose & Survival Through Crowdfunding

Breakaway’s Crowdfunding Whitepaper for Banks provides a comprehensive look at crowdfunding as it relates to the business of community banking and demonstrates the critical need for community banks to engage with crowdfunding now in order to remain viable in the future. Kim Kaselionis, Founder and Managing Partner of Breakaway Funding, LLC and Joseph Barisonzi the CEO of CommunityLeader teamed up to deliver this must-read for any bank looking to understand the impact to our national economy and crowdfunding’s impact on the U.S. banking ecosystem.

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Part II: Crowdfunding 101 for Community Bankers

As Part II in the series, Crowdfunding 101 for Community Bankers, this white paper provides community bankers with the information about and understanding of crowdfunding needed to build and present an irrefutable case for immediate implementation of a crowdfunding strategy.

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Part III: Crowdfunding within the Community Banking Model

Part III details how community bankers can engage the crowdfunding industry, the benefits and risks of doing so, and specific strategies to maximize benefits and minimize risks as they initiate the process of incorporating a crowdfunding component into their existing business model.

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