Breakaway Funding is committed to helping community financial institutions, investors and businesses leverage opportunities presented by the JOBS Act of 2012 and existing securities law exemptions to grow and sustain vibrant financial ecosystems: a Community Capital Marketplace®.

We believe that crowdfunding has the potential to become the growth engine for local economies: It can work anywhere. To simplify the process, we offer financial services, education and resources to four distinct communities:


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    Access to Offerings

    A diverse range of investors can now access the private equity market. Register to find investment opportunities that align with your values and goals.

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    Licensed Broker Dealer

    Our private equity securities are offered through CrowdTrade, a licensed broker-dealer who is a registered member of FINRA.

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    Due Diligence and Financial Analysis Tools

    Each offering includes due diligence documents and financial analysis tools to help you make informed investment decisions.

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    Investor Relations

    Stay informed on the progress of your investments. Gain anytime access to financial reporting and other key information from the companies in which you invest.

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    Education Through Webinars

    We host industry leaders and experts for live, online presentations each month, aimed to support business owners throughout the life cycle of their company: in preparation for a capital raise, ongoing operations and planning for an exit; and investors, to gain better insight into the necessary elements of crowdfunded capital campaigns.

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    Virtual Pitch Parties

    When it’s time to pull back the curtain, our registered investors get first look opportunities at companies prepared for a crowdfunded, capital raising campaign.

Business Owners (Issuers)

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    Standardized Documentation and Coaching

    Our team of financial professionals guide Issuers through the due diligence process by collecting and organizing the right documents and providing final analysis before the capital campaign goes live. We give you the structure, feedback and timeline necessary to develop your strongest pitch.

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    Marketing Support

    We create a pre-launch marketing page to build excitement and interest in your company. As you prepare to launch your capital raise campaign, we actively coach you through your social media efforts, email campaigns and participation in complementary wealth events. We help you define your audience and champions.

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    Access to Lenders

    Engage with a community of financial institutions committed to improving access to community capital. We work to streamline a greater variety of funding options—independent and hybrid, to help you reach your strategic goals.

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    Investor Relations

    Through our portal, you have a platform to maintain open and continuous investor communications. Upload financial statements, year-end tax reporting, updates, and more so supporters can monitor your progress, while you focus on what you do best: running your business.

Financial Institutions

Breakaway Funding was founded and developed by community-minded CEOs of banks. There is a better way. Learn how Crowdfunding for Financial Institutions can help keep your company relevant, growing and more profitable. For details, visit our section for Financial Institutions.

Community Partners

Preparing business owners for a capital raise is an important undertaking. Breakaway Funding partners with many organizations and agencies to ensure entrepreneurs receive the necessary training and support to prepare well-thought-out business plans, financial projections and other planning documents.

Our experts are available to speak to your constituents about changes and new opportunities for funding and how to obtain the capital they need to grow and thrive. Learn more about how you can be a part of this dynamic community.