Hybrid Crowdfunding Loan Program®

Hybrid crowdfunding® provides an opportunity for financial institutions to grow their balance sheets, improve earnings, access a new source of CRA activities and remain relevant in the changing world of financial technology–fintech. Crowdfunding opens up new financial resources for small businesses when traditional loans are unavailable, whether for circumstantial, timing or regulatory concerns. As your client executes their growth strategy and becomes more profitable, your institution will be in a position to lend more and to cross-market other “fee-for-service” products.

Breakaway Funding’s hybrid crowdfunding services are ideal for many of your client’s funding needs.

We can support:


Commercial Real Estate


Business Financing


Start-Up Capital

  • Down payment equity
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Expansion capital
  • Inventory purchases
  • Equipment financing
  • Franchise Acquisition
  • Existing clients who want to start a new venture
  • New category of prospective clients seeking start-up capital

Features of the Program

  • Co-branded landing page on Breakaway Funding’s website
  • Marketing Program to boost deposits and loans
  • Compliance Program
  • Staff & Board Training
  • Crowdfunding Workshops in Your Market
  • Program Reporting

Additional Benefits

  • Deposits Generated
  • Fee Income Earned
  • Loans Funded
  • Loans Non-Funded
  • Program ROI

  • Financial Analysis
  • Industry Analysis

  • Job Creation
  • Community Impact

Let’s talk about getting the program into your institution.

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